image of trumpet and trombone Macaulay Brass

Howell Street Brass

Howell Street Brass is a brass ensemble consisting of trumpets and trombones. It is organized and directed by Doug Macaulay. Every private student of Doug Macaulay is eligible to join Howell Street Brass as soon as he or she can play at least one of the current ensemble pieces.

We rehearse on Sundays from 2:00-3:00 pm. As a member of Howell Street Brass, you will practice ensemble pieces as part of your private lesson material. Students who participate in small ensembles such as Howell Street Brass are invariably motivated to practice and to enjoy practicing.

There are numerous performance opportunities for this ensemble. Additionally, smaller groups from within the full ensemble sometimes form to prepare and perform duets and trios.

Membership in Howell Street Brass is only open to private students of Doug Macaulay. There is no monetary cost, but students earn the privilege of membership by practicing their parts outside of rehearsal, by being present in rehearsal with only occasional absence, and by participating in performances.