Macaulay Brass

Studio Policies

Private lessons are available for trombone. All students learn Music Theory as an integral part of their lessons.
  1. Parents are always welcome to attend their child's lessons. When you arrive, please open the door and walk right in.

  2. To enjoy the satisfaction of improvement and to become a successful brass player, the student will:
    • practice at least 30 minutes per day, and
    • practice at least five days per week.

  3. Two lessons per month are required. Additional lessons are usually available. You are not required to have a lesson every week, but daily practice is required.

  4. The lesson days are Monday and Wednesday, at present.

  5. You may request a lesson day and time by email (dmacaulay@fastmail.us), or by text or phone (406) 214-6783.

  6. A lesson must be scheduled and confirmed at least one day in advance. We do not schedule more than one week in advance.

  7. Method books, solos, and other performance materials may be purchased either at a local music store or online. Some books are only available online. Such expense is minimal and only occasional.

  8. Tuition
       $50 per 45-minute lesson in person
       $75 per 60-minute lesson by Skype

  9. Paypal is the only payment method we accept. No exceptions.

  10. To pay by Paypal you do not need to have a Paypal account. Paypal allows you to pay by credit/debit card.

  11. Paypal payment links
       45-minute in-person lesson paypal.me/MacaulayBrass/50

       60-minute Skype lesson paypal.me/MacaulayBrass/75

  12. Payment for each lesson must be completed before instruction begins.

  13. When a student is ill, the student should not practice.

  14. When a student has a contagious illness, the student should not attend a scheduled in-person lesson, out of consideration for others.

  15. Lesson length for in-person lessons is 45 minutes. Example: If your lesson is scheduled to begin at 5:30, then your lesson is over at 6:15 regardless of when you arrive. For this reason, we encourage you to arrive a few minutes early.

  16. Overtime: If a student's progress is remarkable, or if for any reason the teacher wishes to extend the lesson beyond its specified length, there is no additional charge for the extra instruction time.