Macaulay Brass

Audition Recording

Recording services are happily offered, but only to current students of Doug Macaulay. The following provisions apply.

  • A.
    A recording session length is 45 minutes.

  • B.
    If there is a room rental fee, the fee is the responsibility of the parent or student. All such fees will be paid directly to the organizataion or institution in question.

  • C.
    If a pianist is required, the pianist's fee is set by the pianist, and is paid directly to her/him.

  • D.
    Mr. Macaulay's fee for recording services is $60 per 45-minute session. This includes the use of the studio, recording equipment, and time.

  • E.
    Recordings will not be edited.

  • F.
    Post production processing (which includes comparative evaluation of performance quality among recorded tracks, track selection, and other computer-related procedures which are deemed necessary and desirable by the student and/or parent) is charged at $80 per hour.

  • G.
    All accumulated fees for recording sessions and post production processing must be paid during the calendar month in which those services occur.